Tips For Preparing Your Empty Rental Property For Photography

Taking photos in an empty rental property has its pros, like being able to control exactly what is in the space and being able to take the photos whenever is suitable to you. However, there are also some downsides, like the space looking less homely. So, we are here with a few tips to help make sure that your rental property looks amazing in the photos, to give you the best chance of finding a tenant as soon as possible. 

Have Cleaners Come In 

The first thing you need to arrange is to have cleaners come into the space, if you haven’t already since the previous tenant moved out. Any bits of dirt or dust can really shine in photos, so giving the space a good clean is really important. This shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task without tenants in there, you could even do it yourself if you have the time. However, this will make such a big difference in the photography so is an essential step in preparing your empty rental property for photography. 

Furnish As Much As Possible

Next up, you need to furnish your property as much as possible. You may already have a furnished apartment which is great, but if you don’t, a non furnished space can actually look a lot smaller and it will definitely look less inviting. When people have so many properties to choose from, they want to find somewhere that they could really imagine themselves living in, which is what furniture will help to do, by livening and brightening your home

This is an investment, but it is certainly worth it, especially if you have multiple properties. You have a few options here, the first being investing in cheap but neat furniture that you can place around the property and then put into storage when it isn’t needed. You could also use this to offer the property as furnished, which many people who rent back to back are looking for. 

Your next option is to use a staging company, which is especially useful for large properties that will need a lot of furniture to look homely. You can tell them what you want, they will put together a package and you can then hire the furniture for the photography and also for viewings if you would like to. Again, this is an investment, but for rental properties with higher price points, it is certainly worthwhile. 

Invest In Soft Furnishings

Now that the bulk of the furniture is sorted, you should definitely invest in soft furnishings. If you do use a staging company this is something they could offer, however if you have multiple properties, this investment will be worth it. Go for really clean and inviting duvet cover sets, rugs, curtains, blankets and cushions to give the space a super homely feel that everyone who sees the photos will feel comforted by. 

Your rental property is likely to be mostly light colours, so this is your chance to add a bit of texture and style to the space. Just make sure not to go for anything too bold, so that people aren’t put off the space. Whilst it may seem silly, if someone sees soft furnishings they don’t like it can automatically cause them to feel negatively towards the space, so keep things simple and cosy to suit everyone’s taste. 

Open All Window Coverings

Last but not least, make sure that all of the window coverings are completely open. Daylight transforms any space, so as well as making sure you have your photos taken at the best possible time in terms of brightness in your property, you should open all of the blinds and curtains to really draw people in. Just make sure you have had the windows cleaned! 

For more expensive properties, you should also have photography at night, to help give prospective renters a true idea of what the space is like all the time. In this case, you can shut all of the window coverings (unless the view is really spectacular) and create a cosy atmosphere with candles to show how comforting the space will be in the evenings. 

Final Thoughts

Spending some time and money to get your rental property looking amazing is certainly a worthwhile investment, especially if the rental market is particularly competitive. One thing we haven’t mentioned so far is to just focus on the smaller details to really help your potential tenants to feel at home. If your rental property is in London, have a few London souvenirs or photography around the flat, or get some cakes and fruit from local suppliers to help the flat feel so cosy! This is a small touch, but one that can make all the difference.

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