The Perks of Obtaining a License to Start a Real Estate Brokerage

Peter Sereny is a professional American entrepreneur. One of the most interesting things about Sereny is that he initially started out in the medical industry as a physician and surgeon.

If you have not been living under a rock, you will know just how popular the real estate industry has become. For most people, the largest financial decision they will ever make is buying or selling their properties, and as such, they need the ideal professionals to help them through this process.

This is where real estate brokers come in who represent the buyers or and work independently under a license. Some of their responsibilities include hiring and training the best talent and turning them into efficient real estate agents who can help them to expand their brand and gain more influence in their local area.

However, being a broker is not easy. There are many things involved in becoming one, such as getting the proper education for it, obtaining a license, and having a keen eye for individuals you want to work with. But those that have continued these struggles and have become successful brokers are able to enjoy some of the perks written below that come along during their career journey.

Fast Paced Growth

Despite technology advancing at an ever increasing speed causing more and more jobs lost to technological inventions, real estate brokers will continue to serve a vital role in the process of selling and buying property for many more years to come. In fact, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of real estate brokers in the United States has been predicted to grow more than 5% by 2026.

More Employment Opportunities

This obviously means that there is more room for broker employment opportunities to open up. Brokers all over the world will be able to enjoy a higher employment rate and more demand for their services.

Having More Flexibility

While real estate agents do have a bit of autonomy, they still need to work for a broker and give up a certain amount of their earnings to them for every commission. In contrast, a real estate broker has more control over their business and has the ability to work in a variety of ways that best fits their needs.

And there is just some high-level information we have shared. If you are interested in learning more, consider looking into the works of professionals already in the field.

Peter Sereny is a professional American entrepreneur. One of the most interesting things about Sereny is that he initially started out in the medical industry as a physician and surgeon, and took on roles such as the Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Attending Physician at the University of Connecticut, Associate Medical Director at the Hartford Insurance Group, Founding Chief Medical Director at CIGNA HealthPlan and many more.

But after gaining a lot of experience, and learning about the ways of the business world, Sereny tried his hand at real estate and found much progress in his ventures. In 1986, he cofounded S&S, a real estate partnership acquiring and managing commercial real estate in the North East US. Soon after, he also became the co-founder, CEO, Chairman, and Principal Broker of Brick&Mortar LLC – a full-service Brooklyn-based boutique real estate Brokerage that has been highly acclaimed for its professional services to people around the world. He also founded RESoft LLC, a software development company serving the real estate brokerage industry.

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