Social Media Safety Guide for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

About two decades ago, technology was not the same as it is today. Smartphones have not existed at that time. Computers were not as common as they are today. The young people at that time were not used to smartphones and computers. They were living simpler lives through Social media Marketing. Technology has changed so many things in our daily lives. People get used to technology but not all of them get along. There are many people who use technology where it is least necessary. Those parents who are not much familiar with technology are in trouble right now. In modern times, there is no escape from the digital world. Teenagers now are using tech gadgets everywhere. In schools, colleges, online shopping, online courses are common nowadays.

Problem with Non-tech Savvy Parents

The children of non-tech savvy parents outsmart them when it comes to the use of cell phones. They know much more than their parents. Parents cannot keep pace with fast moving world due to a lack of skills. Parents are still parents. They want their kids to be safe from a dangerous online environment. Social media and cell phones have encircled the lives of teenage children. Kids are spending hours scrolling on different social media apps on their phones. The most common apps are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder. Parents need to know about the dark side of these social media apps. These apps are attractive to kids because they are offering lots of fun stuff. The addiction to these apps might cause problems for children as well as parents. There is much dangerous stuff available on these sites such as

  • Online dating
  • sexting
  • Drug abuse
  • CyberBullying

What solutions do they have to safeguard children?

There are several ways for non-tech savvy parents to encounter the problem.

Talk to children

A healthy conversation is always a key to the solution to every problem. Parents should talk to the kids in a nonjudgmental way. They should tell the kids about bad things and their consequences. They should give courage and confidence to the kids that they are always there for help. Children should have enough confidence to tell their parents if anything is wrong.

Reduce the screen time of Kids

The problems normally arises for too much usage of smartphones and computers. The parents have to keep an eye on the usage of tech gadgets. They should put restrictions on the usage time of smartphones and computers.

Random inspection of Phones

This task is not easy and parents can get resistance. If possible, parents should do random inspections of kid’s phones. They should check text messages, galleries, call logs, and social media accounts. This will help them in understanding the kids’ activities on the phone.

Use Surveillance Apps

Another yet more promising method is to use cell phone tracking app. the tracking app monitors the child and passes the information to the parents. Parents have to install the tracking app on kid’s phones. The app will track the activities of the child and send the data to parents. The solution is tech-savvy but developers made it simpler for non-tech savvy parents.

How tracking app works?

Non-tech savvy parents don’t care about the back-end engineering of tracking apps. They want results. Many good apps have a user-friendly front end. Anyone can use the app. The apps have many features that helps parents to protect their kids from online threats. for installation purpose, the device should be physically available to the parents. The rest of the work is done remotely using an online web-based portal. The features include location tracking, call logs access, microphone bugging, and SMS monitoring. Some other features are Email tracking, keylogger, and Password chaser. The parents can benefit themselves by using these apps. The monitoring apps can keep an eye on the children 24/7. These can inform parents if there is something hanky panky out there. This upgrade in parenting skills is a must in modern times.

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