School Fundraising Calendar

School calendars are great fundraisers

The benefits are:

  1. It can involve the whole school or a specific department or class within it.
  2. It can be combined with other classroom activities and lessons.
  3. You can predict potential demand and sales for your school calendar.
  4. Increasing the money calendar as well is a great way to promote your school.
  5. School calendars can take many different forms. For example, they may feature:

School Fundraising Calendar

  1. Pictures or other work by students.
  2. Class or school photos.
  3. Other photographs from near the school building, playground, or surrounding areas
  4. Pictures or pictures of important moments of the school year.

Students Are Your Most Powerful Selling Tool

Students are what it is all about and proof that the money from the ad states Is going to a good cause. The student can sell the advertising to sponsors to prepay for the calendars, thus ensuring a profit. Don t procrastinate time to teach your students how to sell an ad and m sure businesses know:

  • What school they are supporting.
  • What the money will be used for.
  • When calendar distribution begins and ends. The size of ads and what they cost.
  • Where the ad will be placed.
  • Spread the enthusiasm to your students, parents, families, friends, and sponsors!

Students can easily sell the finished custom calendars at school events, to parents, relatives, friends, and supporters of the school. The school book store and business doing the advertising can also sell the finished calendars. The calendars can be pre-sold as well.

Determine Your Target Audience

Local Business: Local hangouts, credit unions, auto shops, insurance agencies, pet supply retailers, shops, photography studios, realtors, restaurants, parents’ businesses, anywhere.

Top Great School Fundraising Ideas

  • School Art Show
  • School Project Runway
  • Recycle Your School
  • School Auction & Sale
  • Sport-a-thons

Fundraising School Calendars

Fundraising School Calendars

Create Your Fundraising Calendar

What should I be doing to get ready for the year ahead? Well, the big question is how did 2021 go? Or, how did last year go?

If you had a year where you were very active in fundraising and you tried all kinds of things like mailings, solicitations, different events, grant writing, and all these different methods of fundraising and you haven’t sat down and taken inventory, Well, January or early in the year when things are quiet.

Because your year-end big push for fundraising is done – is a good time of year to take inventory and take stock of what worked and what didn’t work last year. So, that’s what I recommend for you right now is if you are staff or a board member at a nonprofit you should be asking your staff and your staff should be providing you with statistics and metrics of what happened, what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to change.

These are the things you need to do, and I call that creating your “development calendar.” Your development calendar should be month -by – month of activities for the upcoming year whether it is solicitation mailings, events, grant writing, grant deadlines.. what else is out there… email campaigns obviously if your organization has a special month – for example April is Autism Awareness Month, February is Black History Month.

If your organization has a month connected to it there should be campaigns around those things and you should be planning those out now. January good time to do that.

So if you’re in an area on the east coast or northeast where you’re kind of getting to the office but you don’t have a lot to do – the emails or slow mails aren’t happening whatever.. this is the time! Trust me! This is the time to take inventory and when say take inventory what do I mean? Evaluate and examine all the efforts you made in 2021 or whatever your year before was (I want this to be evergreen.. I shouldn’t use years!) So your prior year’s efforts in fundraising- what worked, what didn’t work, what needs to be fixed. Look at your results.

Did your solicitations bring in what they should have? Or what you hoped they should have? What do you think could have been done better? This is the time of year to take stock. Make those evaluations and write it out. Write out everything you did in the prior year, and right next to it – which activity raised how much money.

Whether you were happy with the results or you weren’t. Whether your email campaigns were opened -how many opens you had – how many new subscribers you had. Did your social media do what it was supposed to do? Do that evaluation bit now while things are sort of quiet – because you know springtime things are going to heat up again right? We all know that, right? So do that inventory take stock and start creating your new year fundraising calendar.

I like to quote several fundraising guru friends of mine out there that I follow obsessively because they’re awesome! Jim Shapiro, look him up he’s got some great videos with great advice – I even LinkedIn a post of his today. Gail Perry, – she’s got great advice.

I follow these people and I implement their methods in what I do for my clients because I know that they’ve got great advice. I’ve also been a development director – I’ve been in your shoes – so I know what it’s like as a consultant who need someone to nudge you to get things going! So It’s about getting your your “year calendar” going you’re “year fundraising calendar”.

Sample fundraising calendar

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Fundraising calendar example

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Fundraising calendar template

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