Refinance Student Loans

A Better Way to Repay: Simplify & Save on Your Student Loans

Let’s start with the basics. What is student loan refinancing? Well, it’s the practice of combining multiple federal and/or private student loans into one, simple private loan. This has definite advantages, mainly a lower interest rate on the new loan, but it also serious flaws, mainly because you lose the advantages of federal student loans, such tax as income-based repayment plans.

So which one she should choose? Well, we recommend this rule of thumb: unless you have an annual income that exceeds your student loan amount, plus a credit score above 700, avoid refinancing your student loans, especially your federal ones.

That’s because, for low-earners with poor credit, no private lender can match the benefits of an income-based repayment plan. Plus, if you work in the public or nonprofit sector, your federal student loan debt can actually be forgiven after ten years! For details on this, be sure to read our blog“How to Repay Your Student Loans”.

Meet our requirements and has chosen to refinance her student loans. What’s her next step? Well, Zoe will need to reach out to several student loan refinancers. And don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be time-consuming, especially if Zoe uses our recommended provider, which makes it easy to get multiple refinancing offers with one simple application.

Only chooses only to refinance her private student loans. Can she consolidate her federal ones without a private lender? As it turns out, yes. She can combine her federal student loans into a direct consolidation loan for free through This will eliminate the confusion of having multiple payments while still keeping the benefits of federal student loans. Congratulations! You have finished financing your education curriculum!

Student loan refinance calculator

How much do you want to borrow?
For how long?
Your credit rating:
Loan amount
Loan Term
Credit rating
Interest to pay
Repayment amount
Total to pay

Refinance private student loans

Let’s take a minute and learn about Refinance private student loans. They’re a great solution when federal loans, grants, and scholarships aren’t available or enough. Before considering a private student loan, however, you’ll apply for a federal loan by filling out a FAFSA. Your school will let you know how much you qualify for, and from there, you’ll know how much additional funding you’ll need.

Here’s how it works. For private student loans, lenders assess the creditworthiness and income of the borrower to determine how much they qualify for. With a co-signer, students may increase their chance of loan approval, borrow more, and get a better interest rate. A co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident, 18 years old or older, and should have a strong credit history. Most private student loans have adjustable or variable interest rates which can change during the life of the loan.

Some lenders allow you to defer payments or pay only the interest on the loan while you’re in school. Depending on your lender, you may be able to suspend or lower payments in times of hardship. When researching different options, make sure you understand what your repayment obligation will be, and the payment options available. Remember– any money you borrow today will have to be paid back in the future, so seriously consider how much you borrow and how you use those funds. Being smart about student loans will ensure that your future is just as bright as you are.

Sofi refinance student loans

Sofi refinance student loans

Student loan calculator

Loan Calculator

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Top 10 refinance student loans

Refinance student loans rates

Lending PartnerFixed APR fromVariable APR fromTerm
Splash Financial2.63%1.89%5-25yrOffer Details
Sofi2.99%2.25%5-20yrOffer Details
Citizens Bank2.97%2.24%5-20yrOffer Details
Earnest2.98%1.99%5-20yrOffer Details
Discover Financial Services3.49- 6.99%*1.87- 5.87%*10-20yrOffer Details
Credible2.79%2.25%5-20yrOffer Details
Elfi2.79%2.39%5-20yrOffer Details
Cbpartners2.83%1.99%5-20yrOffer Details
LendKey2.99%1.98%5-20yrOffer Details
refinance student loans best rates

Refinance student loans citizens bank

Refinance student loans citizens bank

Refinance student loans first republic

Should you refinance your student loans at First Public Bank? The answer is that it depends on if you can cross student loan forgiveness off the list of things that you might wanna consider. If the answer is yes, that you know for sure you’re not gonna do student loan forgiveness then if you can qualify for First Republic Bank student loan refinancing they literally have the best interest rates out there anywhere.

You have to live in their service area though. They’re a regional lender and they only lend if you’re within about a 45-minute drive of one of their branch offices and so, most of the cities that they lend in include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York City, Greenwich, Connecticut, Palm Beach, Boston Massachusetts, Portland, Oregon, and there’s maybe some other metro areas in California that you could check out.

So, if you find a First Republic Bank branch close to where you live the next thing you need to have is lots of liquid assets. They actually require typically I think 10 to 15 percent of the loan balance in cash that you need to have just to prove that you’re a good credit risk, that you’re very likely to pay back your student loan because their lending is such low-interest rates they only can lend to the people that have just the absolute best credit and best risk profiles, so your credit score probably has to be over a 750 and when you go through their underwriting they’re also gonna wanna see that you have a good debt to income ratio, that you don’t owe, you know, a massive amount of debt relative to your income.

They’re also only gonna do 300,000 for the maximum for their student loan refinancing. If you get through all of those hurdles then, what you should do is send an email to a banker, Miguel, his email is [email protected] and what you can do is just explain your situation. You’ll set up a time to discuss your student loan refinancing and see if you are a candidate or not.

And, how good are the interest rates that you could get if you do qualify for First Republic Bank refinancing? Incredible, they’re literally one to one and a half percent better than the national lenders. The only catch is that you have to keep a bank account with First Republic because they are trying to build a long term relationship with you.

They might want to offer you other products like mortgages in the future and here’s the thing. If they’re gonna offer you a great product, great, and if they don’t offer as good of a product in the future for the things that they’re pitching you, you don’t have to, just like have to use any of it. So, I think that the student loan refinancing benefit of the super, super-low interest rates are so good that if you can qualify for a First Republic Bank refinancing, you owe it to yourself to have the conversation and see if you can qualify.

So, reach out to our banker, Miguel, and see what kind of interest rate and how much savings that you can get. Some of you could actually cut your interest rate perhaps by as much as four or five percent in savings. So, if you have 200,000 student loans, that could mean a massive amount of interest savings a year, maybe as much as $10,000. So, you definitely should check out and see if they can save you money at the First Republic.

Refinance student loans earnest

Earnest is one of the top student loan refinancing companies anywhere in the country. I personally have had a ton of readers from Student Loan Planner use Earnest for student loan refinancing. In fact, a huge percentage of the people who start an application on Earnest with Student Loan Planner end up finishing one, which is an indication that they offer really good rates.

The best part about using Earnest is they have very flexible repayment terms. You can literally choose your payment amount by using their slider on their website to determine what makes the most sense for your budget instead of choosing between, you know, 5, 7, 10, 15 year artificial and arbitrary term links imposed by other companies. Earnest offers some decent protection if you lose your job or if you become unemployed. It’s not nearly as good as the federal government, but it’s something.

Another benefit to using Earnest is they’ll service your loan internally, which means that they keep your loan in-house for servicing, rather than outsourcing that to another service that’s not going to care as much about your loan because they were not the ones that extended the offer to you initially. Earnest does not allow co-signers, which is a downside, and they are also owned by Navient.

Luckily, the parent company’s lack of good customer service has not yet impacted Earnest because Earnest has been allowed to operate as an independent company. It’s just something to know about and think about for the future. That said, I would trust Earnest to get a lower interest rate for anyone, including my friends and family, which is why I recommend them.

The nice part about Earnest’s underwriting is they’ll look at your things beyond your credit score, such as they’ll look at your investments and your savings and how frugal you are and they will give you a lower interest rate if they see good characteristics like that that show that you manage your cash flow well.

So what’s the next step? All you have to do is go to the Earnest website through the Student Loan Planner link on our website, we always list it at the bottom of the articles, or you can just click on the buttons in this article, the Earnest review article I’ll link to in the comments on the YouTube video, and then also for the menu bar, you can look at the refinancing bonuses that we have for all lenders there. And Earnest is probably going to give you a good rate.

So I will really look forward to hearing your thoughts or your experience using Earnest. Feel free to share in the comments. And thanks so much for watching Hope you utilize Earnest to get a way lower interest rate on your student loans, save thousands of dollars with a lower interest rate and pick up a cashback bonus.

Refinance student loans discover

Consolidation student

Consolidate Your Federal Student Loans

Refinance student loans federal

Refinance student loans federal

Refinance student loans at lower rate

If you have just graduated from college the likelihood is that you are under a large amount of debt in the form of student loans you might be wondering if there is any way to reduce the amount of interest.

You have to pay one solution for reducing your debt is to consolidate your student loans student loan consolidation is similar to refinancing a house on better terms the principal of the loan will not be affected, but the interest rates you can lock in when you consolidate student loans to a fixed-rate can be substantially better you could reduce your monthly payments by up to 40%.

When you consolidate student loans your lending company pays off your government loan and issues you a new loan the new rate is fixed over the life of the loan interest rates are now at an all-time low locking in the current rates, might be a good idea for student debt is a massive problem in our country but student loan consolidation is a possible solution to find out how much you could save.

Refinance student loans interest rate

Refinance student loans with bad credit

Earnest refinance student loans reviews

Earnest refinance student loans reviews

Refinance student loans navy federal

Federal student loans and private student loans are two different types of loan options to help you pay for school. The first thing that we recommend is looking for any scholarships or grants you might qualify for so you don’t have to pay them back. If you do need to take out loans we recommend starting with federal student loans first, since they offer flexibility in repayment and other benefits that might be useful to you.

If that doesn’t cover the full cost of your attendance then turn to a private student loan to cover the gap. At Navy Federal the student is the primary borrower for an education loan. However, if you choose to add a cosigner that may increase your likelihood to either get approved for a loan or get a reduction on an interest rate.

At Navy Federal you’ll need 36 months of credit history in order to qualify for a student loan. If you don’t yet have 36 months of credit history you could consider applying with a cosigner. Applying with the cosigner may increase the likelihood that you’ll be approved for the loan. In terms of GPA we’re looking for satisfactory academic progress, so stay on track towards graduation.

At Navy Federal we’re very excited to announce that we now accept both federal and private student loans for consolidation. Exactly so if you have both types of student loans you can bring them together into one loan. If you just have federal or just have private that’s fine too. We’re happy to consolidate and refinance whatever type of student loan you might have. Bring them on in! At Navy Federal we offer both fixed and variable rate loans.

For a variable rate, your rate may vary up or down each quarter. With a fixed rate your rate is set for the life of the loan. And you can always check out our current rates at Absolutely there are never any prepayment penalties for student loans at Navy Federal. When you’re making your payments you’ll be making a $25 or interest-only payment while you’re in school.

After you leave school you’ll have a 10 year repayment period. So whether you want to prepay while you’re in school or prepay when you’re in your repayment period either it’s fine with us we’re happy to support you. We love getting questions for our members and hopefully, we answered some of yours today. If you have any more please feel free to send us a message at

Refinance student loans bank of america

Refinance student loans chase

Refinance student loans credit union

Questions about student loans! My dad has a Navy Federal account he would be my cosigner if I take out a loan in my name do I also need to be a member? Great question! Yes if you’d like to apply for a student loan you’ll need to be a member of Navy Federal the good thing is if your parents are already members you’re eligible for membership and you can learn more about all of our student loan requirements at Can we apply for student loans online do I apply each year? Absolutely you can find our student loan application online and it’s quick and easy to apply you can speed up the process by submitting any required documentation as soon as we request it you’ll be able to submit a new application each academic year and you will be able to pay for a full school year with one loan and don’t forget applications start on June 1st! Where do I start looking for education financing can my student apply herself? When looking for education financing we recommend you start looking with grants and scholarships and then federal loans if there’s still a gap private education loans are a great option and as for your student borrower if they have at least thirty six months of credit they can apply on their own otherwise a cosigner is a great option. Can I consolidate federal student loans through Navy Federal is there a difference between undergraduate versus graduate degree loans? Yes you can consolidate and refinance both federal and private student loans with Navy Federal it’s a great way to simplify your payments and in terms of any differences between undergraduate and graduate undergraduate has a limit of one hundred and twenty-five thousand and graduate has a limit of a hundred and seventy-five thousand both of course based on income.

Refinance student loans navient

Refinance student loans without degree

LenderRatingFixed APRVariable APRMin. Credit Score
Citizens One Student Loan Refinance4.5/5 Best for Existing Citizens Bank customers2.97 – 9.15%2.24 – 8.90%Does not disclose
Discover Student Loan Refinance4.5/5 Best for Borrowers who may need wiggle room on payments3.49 – 6.99%1.87 – 5.87%Does not disclose
RISLA Student Loan Refinance4.5/5 Best for Income-based repayment3.49 – 8.14%N/A680
Advantage Education Loan Student Loan Refinance5.0/5 Best for Borrowers who want extra forbearance3.99 – 7.78%N/ADoes not disclose

Refinance student loans with cosigner

Refinance student loans fixed rate

Refinance student loans 30 years

Repayment PlanMonthly PaymentTerm Length
(Time Until Forgiveness)
10% or 15% of discretionary income
(depending on when you took your loans out)
Up to 20 years for new loan borrowers on or after July 1, 2014Up to 25 years if you took your loans out before July 1, 2014
ICR20% of discretionary income
(or what you’d pay on income-adjusted 12-year plan, if less)
Up to 25 years
PAYE10% of discretionary income
(never more than what you’d pay on standard repayment plan)
Up to 20 years
REPAYE10% of discretionary income
(no cap)
Up to 20 years for undergrad loansUp to 25 years for graduate loans
Refinance student loans 30 years

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