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lnm asked 6 months ago
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suh answered 6 months ago

700,000 dollars solely by my own efforts as a teacher, not counting the 850,000 dollars I am going to inherit from family Guys, I don’t have a passport and I have never taken an airplane . I am never ashamed to tell my stupid and super shallow Chinese fellows about this and am not afraid of their scorn. And, I am from a single family that both of my parents were very reluctant to raise me. I ignore Chinese who show off in front of me and I seldom listen to them. My slogan in Yahoo use to be: Why should I care? Or, who the fuck do you think you are. I hold values formed from my minds from childhood, not from my parents or my fellows. So, normally, Chinese frown upon what I said, and try to bully me on the Internet for different values. I am a very indifferent Chinese woman in life. So, I let them stab me from behind without responding to their comments now. Life is freaking short and I should make full use of it, fending off all the negative forces in my nation. That’s difficult in a jungle called China. And I don’t rely on any men. I severed my relationship with my dad just one year before college entrance exam. And I have never had any boyfriends in my life. I trust my own ability and talent. Time for you to rethink your plans of life if you are in debt. It means you are not a tough warrior and you need to be.

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