Jack Crocker’s Advice for New Construction Projects

Jack Crocker has designed a lot of homes. As a professional contractor and the owner of three major companies known as Classic Home Improvements, Classic Custom Homes, and In House Supply Company, he knows quite a bit about how to design and revamp living spaces.

Crocker is also going to be appear on the California Contractor, a television show in which he will share his experiences about what life is like for a contractor as well as many of his own experiences. Crocker is kind of like a celebrity in the contractor business, and his appearance on TV is probably going to increase his fame all the more.

But, what does Crocker think about new construction projects? Here’s what he has to say.

Prefer a carpark rather than a garage

If you do not have a luxury car, the need for a garage may seem subsidiary. Indeed, a garage is expensive to build , and you can just as easily get by with a carpark (or awning), which will protect your car from frost, hail, and which will allow you to put your children in the car. or take your groceries out of the rain.

Know that a garage can be built later, well after your house. So if you want to save money for the moment, plan the location of the garage and instead install an awning that will do just fine until you can build a garage.

Build a two-story house

If by default, you do not give much importance to this question, do not hesitate any longer, and choose a two-story house rather than a single-storey house because, contrary to popular belief, it is less expensive to construction . It all starts with the land  : for the same area, you will need a much larger land to see a single-storey house erected there. In addition, the earthworks will take much longer and cost you more. A two-story house requires less materials and labor to complete, because the roof and the frame, which represent a high cost item in the construction of a house, will be less important than for a single-storey house.

Design a bioclimatic house

Designing a bioclimatic house doesn’t cost anything! Or at the very least, there is no additional cost when  it comes to construction : it is simply a matter of drawing up the construction plans for your home with the help of an experienced professional. If you will not feel the weight on the price of the construction, you can be sure that your energy bills will be reduced.

A bioclimatic design consists of taking advantage of favorable climatic conditions, while protecting oneself from undesirable conditions.

The first parameter you should look at will be the course of the sun. Indeed, the simple orientation of your house will allow you to maximize the solar gains, and to save energy . Thus, you will have to orient it so that the collective living rooms such as the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, are always located to the south. Rooms that require less light such as the bathroom, WC and laundry room to the north. As for the bedrooms, they can be located to the east or to the west.

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