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Know you guys know today we be looking at how to use the each move indicator. So go to trends click on indicators go to trends and you will see that it your mood could indicate. Now this is a very good indicator. I used to use this indicator when I was just starting out in four acts. It’s a very good indicator to start trading for Swit.

Now this is how you use this indicator whenever a red line crosses the blue line from below that’s a buy signal. That’s a buy signal. And whenever the blue line is crossed in the red line from below just in this example that’s a cell signal. So this indicator gives both by signals and cell signals.

Also not a cell signal is whenever the green line here crosses the candles from above that say cell signal. Also whenever the green line here crosses the candles from below that say bye signal. So you can use it to move as a tool to give you buy and sell signals or you can combine it you could put other indicators for example the stock Crabstick. Here we have to start Crabstick indicator here and you can also use the Star-Crossed to give you buy and sell signals.

For example you can buy when the stock cross-talk is oversold. That is when the stock Krasik is below 20 and you can sell when the stock Christic is overbought. That’s one strategy however you must be careful because sometimes the stock crash that can be overbought and still rallies. So you have to be careful.

You must combine these indicators to get to get the best result. Also you can combine these indicators with candlestick Potten support and resistance levels et cetera trend lines. You can combine all the strategies to get her to give you the best result. So this is the indicator.

Also with HMO coo we have what’s called the cloud. This thing here is the cloud of HMO. And this just represents support and resistance levels whenever prices break above the cloud that say buy signal and whenever prices break below the cloud that say sell signal. So the cloud also gives you buy and sell signal.

The bigger the cloud the stronger the trend. The bigger the cloud the stronger the trend. So when you have a very big cloud that’s telling you the market is in a very strong trend. Now whenever prices Breg chew a very big cloud just as in this example here that usually means the market is going to really fall. It means the market may start a new trend. So whenever a cloud is big it tells you that the trend is strong. And whenever prices breaks a big cloud that usually means a new trend is going to start. So the Chewco is a very useful indicator you can’t start trading for X but it’s indicator.

The only problem I have with Ichimaru indicator is that it’s very noisy it clouds your chart. This big indicator with all these lines tend to cloud your chart. So what you can do is you can customize each move you can go on properties you can move some of these lines if it shows or you can just put it Chukwu on some of your charts because I don’t really like the noise on my chart.

I don’t really like all these lines on my chart. So that’s the main reason I no longer use it. But start not in X. You can really benefit from using the it should move to indicator. So you can combine the HMO qubit is the Christic which means whenever a Star-Crossed is oversold. And whenever we have the red line crossing the blue line that’s a buy signal and a star crossed the goal with saw also by signal whenever you have those two things combining. That’s a good time to place a buy order. So that so you can use the HMO coup to help you with trade in Forex.

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