How Students Can Save Money On Different Online Course Portals

Saving money has always been a subject since ever. But now spending on different online course portals (especially in this pandemic) is hard to keep on budget, seems more like an impossibility. Far and wide everyone is claiming to have the best courses to learn a skill and the educational course for their school that is costing an arm and leg to pay. While earning and keeping your job is nigh on impossible these days buying courses that are constructive and essential as well as budget-friendly are difficult to find.
Here are the 7 best ways as a student you can save money on different online course portals.


Free material online course portals are the best ways to make a start in your initial stage. There are many free online course portals available on different platforms like, Facebook, Google and the biggest hulk of free courses on youtube. Rather than spending plenty of money on buying new courses to pick a start, find free materials where you will get loads of knowledge and course portals that are 100% free. Some help you with a 3-month free trial and many are providing free courses or you can compare deals and discounts of different course portals. You will get tons of ideas about what is your interesting niche. It is better to start with a free course, so even if you don’t get much interest in it, you can change your interests anytime without wasting any money.


Partnership in any case has always been more beneficial than solo work. It divides the load, gives motivation, helps in improving ourselves, and enjoys the double outcome for double efforts. Ask your friend about diving the sum of the online course portal and you both get the right to learn from the portal at the same time. One of your account details will be entered there and after getting the course share its password among both of you. It does not only divide the sum you people will learn together discuss things together and share the knowledge that one doesn’t understand.


Here and then, many portals give out their courses at discounted rates to get more attention from the customers and sell more of their courses. These offers usually come in holiday periods or when there is more competition in the market. You will be the one availing of the online course portal at the best prices. Here you will save a lot of money, buying courses in bundles plus getting such opportunities won’t be provided all year. Subscribe to those portals from where you will be looking for updates and discount codes so when there is an offer, you won’t miss the chance.


Attending free seminars costs you nothing except for your time and energy. You need to be attentive to listen to the speaker, note his points, ask your questions if any, but must be relative. Attending seminars is not just to listen to the speaker, they help us build more connections and clear our concepts. It is often seen that seminars offer a certain percentage discount to their seminar attendees that helps save a lot of money. Often they do not announce discounts before the seminar but after it so who genuinely attends it only they will be available for this beautiful opportunity.


Coupon sites help in getting the courses portal at the best rate. Like maybe you never thought of getting it that cheaper. However, hundreds of bloggers, influencers, and content creators who have their courses have their discount codes displayed at the coupon sites. You can sometimes get deals on courses by looking at coupon sites. Few websites that offer coupons are, Udacity, Coursera, edX, Udemy,


Sometimes you have no way to get the required course, nobody is paying for it yet you don’t find an alternative course to it. Becoming an affiliate seems viable. You choose to influence their course for a few bucks or free of cost and in return, they give you their online course portal subscription for free. This works for best if you have clients or followers you can recommend the course to. You will be most successful if you recommend courses to your true love and are upfront about disclosing your affiliate relationship.


It is sometimes very difficult to manage a job and studies at the same time, you could hardly manage to save money to buy your branded shoes and you do not want to spend it all on the course. Though the course is also very important. Ask your dad or mom if they can buy you the online course portal. If they are not interested in buying you your course, there are still many ways. Bring it up with your boss, make your boss understand that it is not good for you only but it is for the company’s betterment. Ask for the course as your birthday gift from your uncle/aunty or your nanny. See if there are scholarships for the course. You often have to apply for this membership and show that you’ll go above and beyond the requirements maybe somewhere with your previous work portfolios that show you are serious

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