How best to fight the financial Impact of Corona Virus

With the Coronavirus outbreak taking the world by storm, we are getting all kinds of messages and tips on how to stay safe and protect ourselves from this dreadful virus.

While we have a lot of guidance on how to be safe from a health perspective, there is very little guidance on how to stay safe financially amidst this crisis.

The stock markets are crashing, the businesses have slowed down, and there is literally a halt on new business for a while. Watch this video to know how you need to have a financial plan ready to tackle such a calamity should it continue for long or should it happen again in the future. Our Finance Guru, CA Vishal Thakkar, has been advocating the need to plan your finances better professionally and personally for situations like these.

Through this blog, he is again instilling the importance of being better prepared financially to fight against Coronavirus, as it is not just going to impact the health of people but also the global finance scenario in general.

I am here with an urgent and important message a global pandemic called coronavirus is now going to affect us all for some time the financial impact of the same still needs to be assessed.

Let’s keep finances aside for a while and let’s take this time off think what is the direction of our financial lives.

How can we plan for our finances in a better way what kind of financial disaster recovery plan.

We should have in place in case of something like this ever happens again this outbreak is going to teach us a lot about financial planning.

The kind of revenue loss that businesses are going to suffer the kind of market crashes that we are going to see are going to be very very serious friends.

I have been giving my messages for years that please prepare for an oncoming calamity today the calamity is here and if we don’t plan.

Now we have very bleak chances of meeting our financial goals for the year.

I recommend you utilize these 14 days in the best possible manner and use this free time to upgrade yourself financially.

So that at the end of these critical days you should be able to come up with a financial plan which is so robust that it takes care of you not only professionally but also in your personal life most importantly avoid rumors stop forwarding messages which are non-authentic and focus on creating a better financial future for yourself stay protected be careful.

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