Forex Trading Plan

Forex Trading Plan/Rules For Successful in Forex (Live stream trading)

  • To be successful in forex trading, one needs to understand the importance of and adhere to a set of rules that have guided different type of traders, with a variety of trading account sizes.
  • Each and every rule alone is important, but when they work together, the effects are powerful.

Need Help With Forex Trading?

Here Are Some Great Ideas
When it comes to Forex trading, there are always a thing to learn that you never knew about. Whether you are a novice or experienced Forez trader, learning new information cannot hurt. The following day trading, the article contains valuable tips that you should keep in mind, the next time you trade with Forex.

Using stop losses can be a great advantage. By applying stop losses to your orders, you can easily protect yourself from too great a loss. Also by doing this you create an automatic exit for your order should the market turn out of your favor. With a stop loss in place you know the worst you will face and can prepare to move on.

While the Forex Market runs around the dock and is always open, there are strategies in timing that you need to be aware of while trading on Forex. Understanding Forex hours will help you maximize your strategies by trading when there is a high potential for winning a profit.

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If you are new to the trading world, one of the things you must do is to study the market. You should also practice what you are doing by using a mini account. When you are trading, remember that the lower the risk you are taking, the higher your chances of making money.

Don’t get too comfortable with just one or two trading pairs in the forex market. A lot of people make the mistake of learning everything about one pair and sticking with it because they believe they will be able to predict the future. You can’t predict the future of a currency, so make sure you keep yourself working on multiple pairs.

Make a trading plan and stick to it. Even if you are only dabbling in the Forex market, you should have a plan, a business model and timetables charting your goals. If you trade without these preparations, you leave yourself open to making aimless, undirected trades. When you trade as the mood strikes you, you will frequently pile up losses and rarely reap satisfactory profits.

There is no secret or magical “end-all-be•alr strategy for major success in trading. Nobody has that formula and everyone experiences losses here and there because that’s the nature of trading. To be truly successful in trading, you need a great strategy that works just for you. You can only create a strategy like that through time, patience, trial and error, and a lot of hard work.

You’ll need certain rules to live by if you’re expecting to make profits in the Foreign Exchange Market One such rule to live by: Always buy the dips in an uptrend market and always sell the bounces in a downtrend market. This formula is very simple to understand and can be very profitable if you adhere to it.

When using forex to make money and form a legitimate trading business, it is very important that you do not use the market to fuel any desire you have for risk-taking. A lot of investors simply trade on this platform because they like the excitement. This will result in you losing the money in your account in a hurry.

Once you have a trading plan in place, stick with day trading basics. Trust your experiences and the knowledge you have gained to guide you well. If you have a loss, make adjustments, learn from it, and keep on trading. You will be able to turn your luck around, but you have to stick with it and be determined.


  1. Goals
  2. When am I going to trade?
  3. How much will I risk
  4. How much profit will I look for?
  5. How am I going to enter trades?
  6. How am I going to exit?
  7. Position management
  8. Rules
  1. EQUITY: USD1,000
  2. RISK: 3% to 20% of your equity (e.g risk 10% from USD1, 000 = USD100) DO NOT RISK MORE THAN 20%
  3. TAKE PROFIT: 20 or 30 pips per entry or Use TP VOLUME or Use the nearest support/resistance zones or (e.g target 20% weekly = USD200 weekly, Target daily = USD200/5 = USD40)
  4. LOT SIZE: for EQUITY USD1,000, (max lot size for one entry = USD1, 2 entries, USD1/2 = USD0.50 cents per entry, 5 entries, USD1/5 = USD0.20 cents per entry. overall entries no more than USD1)

Trading Plan Vs Trading Strategy

Trading PlanTrading Strategy
• It is more comprehensive, it includes trading
strategy as well as other important information.
• Tells you when to enter and exit.
• It includes,
i) The market you want to trade.
ii) The timeframe you want to trade-in.
iii) Which strategy you want to use and when while trading.
iv) The entry rules of the strategies.
v) The exit rules of the strategies.
vi) When to trade and when not to trade.
vii) The money management approach
• It includes,
i) Entry signal.
ii) Exit signal.
iii) Winning percentage.
iv) The risk to reward ratio.
v) Position sizing parameters.
vi) Average expected annual return.
vii) Maximum expected drawdown.
• This is an overall plan which acts as a goal for the trader. Small changes can be made
according to the market.
• It depends on the movement of the market.

I’ll take a look and determine your goals. While this is not technical in nature it’s without a doubt the most fundamental thing you can do as a trader as you begin your journey into your new career.

It’s one of the most important things to focus on because with the out the idea of what your goals are you’re simply going to be trading blindly and swinging wildly into the marketplace which unfortunately is what most traders do most beginning traders simply press buttons back and forth with no real clear goal.

Another downside is that so many traders get into the forex and the CFD markets based upon some type of robot or yeay that they add to their trading platform that may auto trade form or give him signals or something to that effect.

And sadly some of these will claim just outrageous returns. Recently I’ve seen one that said that 50 percent was a common return per week. Now you have to think about that.

Unfortunately far too many traders only think about the money that can be made. They don’t think about the reality of the situation.

So for example if you took a hundred dollars and put it into an account and gained 50 percent every week you would have over a million dollars in just 23 weeks. Does that seem very realistic to you. No of course not.

Somebody said hey I know how to turn on her dollars into a million in 23 weeks roughly half a year. Would you buy it? Now that is not to say that she can’t make good gains, of course, she can a little bit more realistic returns.

For example, professional traders at large firms are normally thought of as very strong when they make it 10 percent a year. That’s not to say you can’t make more than that. You certainly can as a small trader you’re.

Comparing apples to oranges at that point because you don’t have liquidity issues or certain structures that you have to follow like they do in banks and hedge funds.

But having said that you need some type of realistic goal. One of the easiest ones of course is to suggest that you just want to be profitable but goals go beyond returns. You might want to have a simple goal of sticking to your trading strategy or maybe just being able to trade one particular hour out of the day or maybe only taking long term trades more or less like an investor in this market and less like a back and forth trader.

Some people do it for entertainment while others try to make a living off of a larger account other people will use the account as a place to put money into every paycheck.

To compound the interest gained quicker. Obviously you can throw for example hundred euros into your account every week and over the course of months your account is going to grow by your deposits and hopefully your gains.

The biggest thing about having your goals ahead of time and determined is that it gives you a sense of order for your trading days. You can figure out strategies and so on. You need to determine what your realistic goals are how you want to approach ahead of time.

Otherwise you’ll be like so many others and just throwing money out there for others to take from you in the markets.

Swing trading plan

Doesn’t matter whether you’re trading Forex, stocks, whatever, right? These strategies can be applied the same. So are you ready? Then let’s begin. Okay, now, before I begin, right, I want to explain to you what is swing trading because some of you are wondering here Rayner, what is swing trading, alright? So let me explain to you quickly. So swing trading, the idea is to capture one swing in the market.

1: Stuck In A Box
The first one is what I call stuck in a box, where the price is pretty much stuck in a range, stuck in a box, similar to what you’ve seen earlier. So this the core idea here is that the market is in a range, you want to buy low and sell high, so how you go about doing it is to let the price come into an area of value, an area of support, okay?

2: Catch The Wave
So the other one is what I call catch the wave. So this is used when the market is in an uptrend. When the market is trending, you are trying to time your entry and capture just one swing in an uptrend.

3: Fade The Move
So it’s what I call fade the move. So this is a counter-trend trade. So because when the market is trending and if it has traveled quite a long, a distance towards the swings high, towards resistance, there is an opportunity for you to take a counter-trend trade but I’ll share with you a little bit of how to manage this type of trade.

Trader Sample Trading Questionnaire (Used before entering a position)

  1. Is the market trading above its 50-day moving average and its 18-week moving average? Yes/No
  2. Was this security identified in an industry group ranking in the top 20 percent of the market (such as group ranking of 80 or more)? Yes/No
  3. Was this security identified after breaking out of a base lasting three months or longer? Yes/No
  4. Has volume increased in recent days (for example, 150 percent or more)? Yes/No
  5. Was there an event recently that triggered the upside move ((or example, an earnings report, a change in law, a new product, and so on)? Yes/No
  6. Does the company have high earnings growth rates and an earnings rank above 80? Yes/No
  7. Is the company slated to report earnings in the next two weeks? Yes/No
  8. Has the position size been determined based on the stop loss order placement? Yes/No

Forex trading plan outline

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Forex trading system

A Trading System

  • trading strategies to%
  • money management (determine position) 30%
  • psychological factors (trading is mostly psychological, trading demands self-discipline,you must spent time working on your core issues) 6o%
forex trading plan checklist, forex trading journal pdf, forex trading strategies, swing trading plan, forex trading plan outline, forex trading system, trading plan software, trading plan essentials pdf, forex trading plan

Trading plan software

  • TradingView
  • MetaStock
  • StockRover
  • TrendSpider
  • Telechart
  • Optuma
  • EquityFeed
  • QuantShare

Trading plan essentials pdf

TRADING PLAN You can learn a lot about the currency market. You can have a great system for trading but without a good trading plan and the discipline to stick to it, you will NEVER be profitable. Your trading plan will be a constant reminder of how you will make money trading the currency market.

A plan is not required, and if you make a living by trading and do not have a plan you will be a market genius. Let us give you some good reasons why you should have a trading plan. Download 1 Download 2 Download 3

Forex trading plan template

What belongs in a trading plan? In Stocks To Trade Pro, you’ll have worksheets and checklists that you can use to ‘build the case’ to find out if the stocks you’re looking at are the ones you want to trade. Tim wants you to know why you’re looking at a ticker, why you bought in when you did, and what your trade plan was.

First, you’ll want to know what drew you to a specific stock in the first place. Many traders focus so much on making money, they’ll pick random stocks without building a consistent trade plan first. Know why you’re picking the stock.

Remember to work on your discipline. Write down the ticker, price, justification, what the stock has done in the past, and the pattern. Write down as much information as you can.

The last component is the entries and the exit. One of the biggest things that new traders struggle with is they’ll successfully research a stock, but if they don’t stick to that stop and profit goal plan, they can turn winners into losers and turn small losers into big losers.


Forex trading plan checklist

  1. Are you trading from an area of value?
  2. Do you know what’s your entry trigger?
  3. Do you know where to exit If you’re wrong?
  4. Do you know where to exit if you’re right?
  5. Do you know how to manage your trade?
  6. Are you following your trading plan?

Trading Routines Build The Habits Of Top Traders

  • The setup meets all my entry criteria ’47 0
  • The trade is in my trading plan 1. 0
  • The trade is in the direction of the trend 41) 0
  • No news announcements ahead %II 0
  • The risk/reward is acceptable ws
  • I feel good emotionally and physically O
  • I accept to lose

Trading plan essentials pdf

Top 10 forex mistakes

  1. No trading plan
  2. Risking too much on one trade
  3. Giving into emotion
  4. Overtrading
  5. No patience
  6. Taking profits too early
  7. Letting losing position ride too long
  8. Trading strategy too complicated
  9. Not sticking to a trading plan
  10. Not having a trading journal
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