Filmmakers: Communicating Your Art to the Masses

You know you have succeeded in your filmmaking endeavors when your work has managed to touch people’s hearts.

Naturally, those who can pull this off have excelled at the art of visual communication and know their way around the makings of creating a breathtaking film that can shake their viewers to their core.

Additionally, having the talent of connecting your audience with your film also means that whatever message you are trying to communicate can have a major impact on your audience’s perspective on certain things related to your story.

So if you are an aspiring filmmaker who wants the whole world to hear what you have to say through your movies, here are a few things you should consider adding to your final project.

Be Strategically Flexible

As a filmmaker, you might have many ideas that you want to implement in your movie. But you need to keep in mind that your work will be viewed by all kinds of people from various backgrounds. Meaning, not all of them will be able to understand what you are trying to portray if you try to fit in all the ideas at once.

Strategic execution is the key to successful filmmaking. You need to do your project while keeping in mind your target audience type. Hence, make sure that you are taking steps when introducing the themes within your work; seed the conversation with various topics and let it guide the viewer to the end.

Being Vague

Being too specific about your movie’s themes can limit your audience’s interpretation of your work and restrict their ability to form their unique connections with it.

Plus, not giving away too much of your ideas is also a great way to build up suspense for the climax. Keep it simple and let your audience determine what your story is all about. Viewers also find it quite delightful to be surprised by the end when their theories are proven correct or totally off the mark.

Adding Morals

Some of the most influential videos always have a moral in their story as it is a great way to give meaning to your work and display your beliefs through visual representations.

To shed further insight on this, let’s talk about Yolandi Franken- a renowned TV and film producer who has spent many years working in showbiz and has mastered the art of knowing what features make up a good film. Morals are extremely valuable as they play a significant role in influencing your viewer’s perspectives. This is why Yolandi has utilized these factors and is working on several projects such as Carmen and Bolude where the movie focuses on racial and gender equality, and the New Kid at School, which talks about the themes regarding mixed race.

She has received much praise for her works and thus wants to utilize her talents to help people be heard. In her pursuit, she started a charitable film festival, ‘Cause Film Festival’, which is still running and houses some of the most talented actors and filmmakers in Australia.

Being familiar with filmmaking influences has helped Yolandi give a voice to young aspiring creators who implement unique morals into their work which Yolandi feels should be heard and advocated throughout the nation.

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