Different Ways To Earn Extra Money On The Side

Due to the cost of living crisis, many people are trying to get creative and look for innovative ways to produce more money. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you are not putting in too much effort for little return. If anything, you want to maximise your profits with very little effort. 

There are many jobs out there that do not pay people’s bills. That is why people have other jobs as well however, with interest rates increasing, more people than ever before are looking at other ways to earn more money. 

In this article, we will look at the different ways you can earn an additional income without having to double the time you are currently working. 


With us living in the digital age, many of our jobs require a computer, meaning it is a lot easier to freelance work at home. This is something many people are doing because it is convenient and easy to do. Nonetheless, there are many jobs where you can’t freelance. If you are one of those that can work from home then you should be ok. 

In manual labour jobs, you will be able to do errands for people outside your company. If you have the skill set for plumbing, electrician, decorator or anything like that, offer your skills to your local area and do little jobs at the weekend. If you work on a computer such as a financial adviser or a digital marketer, freelance your work to companies that are unable to pay the fees elsewhere. 

Marketing and other job roles like this are very easy to market because there are websites out there where you can advertise your services. Ensure you browse the different websites to find where you can maximise your profits. 

One thing to remember is that you should never overwork yourself. Don’t put any extra hours into work when you are overworking yourself. The reason being is you will become fatigued, meaning you will underperform in your standard job. 

Buy and Sell Products

This is another great way to earn an extra income. It is something that many people are doing because it requires little time and effort. There are also many ways you can do this. For this, we advise you to spend a couple of hours a week finding products at a discounted price. Once you find a product that you can buy multiple of, you can sell it for a little extra. For example, find a product on Amazon or eBay and sell it on the Facebook marketplace. 

Some people will even buy damaged furniture, repair it, and then sell it for an extra price. If you believe you have the DIY skills to renovate damaged furniture then you should consider this. 

There are many websites you can buy from such as eBay, Facebook marketplace, Amazon, or even Depop to buy a tracksuit at a discounted price. Make sure you browse every avenue to ensure you will maximise your profits with very little effort. 


Investing in the stock market is something that became very popular during the lockdown period. Moreover, the crypto market is something else that people have invested their money into and if you understand, you should too. There are many beginners’ guides to investing in the stock market so make sure you read them before you begin investing your money. 

If you wish to increase your income very quickly, short-term stocks would be the better option. If you are looking for a much safer option, we would advise you to invest your money in long-term stocks which you are confident will increase. Stocks such as Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Tesla and any other stocks like that would be a good investment for you. 

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