British born Author TV Personality and Real Estate Magnitude member of the Bollywood Film Fraternity sets the sails high whilst scaling the UK Financial economy.

British born Author TV Personality and Real Estate Magnitude member of the Bollywood Film Fraternity sets the sails high whilst scaling the UK Financial economy.

Nadia Alexander Khan Selling Sunset The Good Estate Agent

Media reports have confirmed the British Businesswomen along side Bollywood  Actor Husband Salman Khan invested into the American TV reality Show – “ Selling Sunset ” streaming on Californian based platform “Netflix” to boost the economy in Real Estate Sales UK, USA and India.

Khan is eldest son in law to British Royal Family Alexander, eldest son to Bollywood Fraternity Screenwriter Salim and Salma Khan.  Khan made his very first debut in Hindi Cinemas 1988  with  ” Biwi ho to Aise ”  ( A wife should be like this ).  Khan’s career spans over 35 years to the largest film industry.  The couple combined are the highest British and Indian Tax payers.  Khan is  also 51% shareholder of  English Premier League Football Club Newcastle United with Wife Lady Alexander-Khan and eldest son Salman Alexander-Khan Junior.    An insider at Rolls Royce Motor Cars has reported Khan is the very first Actor to launch his very first luxury car edition on his  humanitarian lawyer’s wife birthday, making the Khan duo the wealthiest  couple, influencing and serving their community commitments.

With soaring house prices and the market finally booming again, it has made getting on the property ladder challenging for many first-time buyers, however new research has shown that desirable locations have benched above the national affordability margins.

2021 was the strongest year for mortgage lending since 2007, over £315bn of home loans were funded, record highest figure since the figure £359bn recorded over 14 years ago.

However research data with UK lenders has reported we are now seeing a more steady and stable way of lending for 2022 onwards, with a little more re-mortgaging activity taking place in 2022 and that this could accelerate further into early 2023.

Affordability levels for first time buyers may continue to over stretch due to house prices reaching record high in 2021. The high turn over and trend of people moving out of cities due to the flexibility and comfort of more flexible working conditions could continue, as for now this has not been exhausted.

Whilst house price growth is expected to by 3% by the end of 2022, with the highest growth projected for the north west England ,East Midlands and London projected to remain at 2% low.

It has been a very smooth year for the housing market due to the ultra-low interest rate for the majority of the year including the stamp duty incentive. Mortgage demand has seen an increase with The Bank of England raised interest rates from 0.10% to 0.25% last month.

It is very difficult to replicate the market conditions through 2022 and early 2023, in between supply and demand there is an indication of house price growth rather than price falls.  With an annual price growth of 3.5% across the country as whole for 2023 based on the chase for space pressure will ease off.

For now the UK property market continues to thrive and continue to be steady with both first time buyers and existing property owners Investors and influencers.  The Khans humanitarian recognition work has made the couple the most loved, respected admirable couple since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure out of the UK.