Best Fiverr Gigs Ideas That Require NO SKILLS & Zero Knowledge

Hey everyone I’ll be talking about the 10 unknown Fiverr gigs that you can get started with as a freelancer. If you want to make money online on these freelancing platforms then you can get started with these gigs and you can make decent money. I will be showing you exactly what these gigs are and how can you get started with these gigs as well.

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Business Names & Slogans

Okay. Now one thing to understand here is that it is always a great thing to learn as much as possible Skills are very important, I’ll give you an example there is a friend that I have. He charges 100$ to edit a 30-second advertisement Alright So I give him a 30 Second video to edit and he charges me 100$ for that 30 Second video Why? Because he has that skill of editing an ads He knows editing very well he is very good at motion graphics and he also has the efficiency what that means, is that he has an amazing computer, which cost him 1.5 lakh and so he was able to edit very quickly, right.

That’s the most important thing that you should keep in mind skills, efficiency these two things are really important, We can get started with them. If you do not have a lot of skills Starting off with number one, this is going to be business Names and Slogans there are many people, corporate on Fiverr that want to get a name for their business They want to get a name of their brand, But they don’t know what name should be kept, what slogan should be kept and what should be the catchphrase Right, and these are important for a company whenever you have a company, it is very important that you have a great catchphrase people can just like remember that as people can recall brand name by that catchphrase, So that is going to be really really important, Okay, As you can see on the screen, basically you Can write gigs like this, I will provide you 10 catchy business names, brand names, product names, catchphrases.

As you can see over here, Right, slogans you can help them in naming their products in naming their company Naming their slogan, catchphrase, tagline But this is the basic idea. Okay, very interesting totally check this out there are lots of gigs over here, and a lot of them are getting their orders as you can see, even if I go on to the 9th page Even on the 9th page, as you can see, people are getting orders. Now you can get started with this. If you think you are great at content writing, okay This is gig number one.

Designing Presentations

Moving on to Gig number two and this is going to be presentation design. Now, there are lots of companies, officials, businessman they want to get there PPTs done. Right whatever they have to show, they want someone to get it done It was a boring process for them, and they are not great at design as well So basically they will give you the content and instruction and then you will create the design How can you create the design?. you can basically go to this website called And once you are over here, you can just select for presentations select over here, and that is simple you can now get started with using a lot of the presentation templates as well as creating some templates of your own. Alright, So it’s not too difficult and a lot of people will require this. Alright, As you can see a lot of people are giving these services around, 6,000 people have created their gigs around this. So you can also try this out. It is something that can be great for you, if you are into design and if you can simply just go onto canvas and you can start using it for free. Okay So, yeah, you can check that out.

Transcription & Subtitling

Let’s move on to the next, number three skill, that you can learn or number three gig that you can learn, and this is going to be transcription and subtitling. So, as you can see, I will provide High-quality transcription services for your I will do 90 minutes of audio or video transcription in 24 hours. So basically what happens here is that you need to listen to what someone is saying, and you need to convert that into text. And in this, I think not a lot of skill is required if you are good at understanding English, and writing English, this should not be a problem for you. You can do some great work over here also for the conversion of languages let’s say someone is speaking in hind and you convert it into English this is also a highly demanding job. A lot of people want to do something like this so if you know how to do this, you can make some great gigs and you can get started with getting work over there. A lot of potential over here. tons of videos are made on the internet every day and if you can help them with writing the subtitles, that would be great for you as well for your own freelancing career. Now, how much can you actually make with this? Not a lot, unless you are getting some great clients and you’re working for them for a long period of time. That been said, it is a great thing to get started with. If you do not have any skill, I get at least two emails every single day of people saying that Bro, if you want your videos to get some subtitles to contact me. I can help you with that.

Usability Testing

let’s move on to the fourth gig that you Make this is called usability testing what is usability testing?. basically, what happens is that lots of people are building their apps, and they also make their own websites So they want someone who can actually create a testing method, who can actually look at their website. You can just browse around the website and they can pinpoint specific problems in the user interface. I will link some resources in the description. You can go through that and you can understand UI, And what are the Technicalities in it. Not very difficult, I think this can definitely be something that you can learn and you can pick up. And as you can see, I will test your website or app’s functionality usability and more, charging $20 for doing that. it is very important to take that you test the application before you put it out there for people. And this is where they can do that.

Niche Research, Merch By Amazon

Now the fifth one is actually called Niche research. Now I have done an interview with someone who does this. He is in 12th class and he is able to do it. he made around 4000 dollars doing that, in five months so you can check that out as well. It will be something over here, you can check that out. But basically what you do in the form of Niche research is that lots of people want to know about what is the market size Can someone do like research of the market that they are trying to get into and they can help me out with that. Right, This is where you can help them out.

If you want to know about this as well, that how can you learn this as well I’ll put something in the description you can check that out and you can learn about how to get this sort of information, how to learn about Niche research there is another thing in this and this is called as merchandise Alright, that is basically like, different types of like t-shirt and like mugs So for this, they want someone who can set up there, Shopify stores someone who can set up their printful stores Teespring stores so for this you can help them out. you can research the trends. ok that kind of T-shirt is getting sales So you should try to make something similar like recently, a friends reunion came right, So you might want to just tell them that the reunion of friends has taken place a lot of people are Nostalgic, so on this, we can try selling some merge two people. This is just an example.

Social Media Post Templates

Now let’s move on to the next one and this is a social media post template. I feel that this is quite simple to get into. I also try this one You basically just say that I have canva with me there was lots of templates I can get inspired from that and then I can try to build my own templates for social media posts like a carousel for Instagram and other social media platforms you can try to create a template for that and then you can also make templates for stories. Instagram stories IGTVs, you can basically create the complete branding asset for a particular influencer or a particular company Instagram page. this is something that is blowing up right now. There are a lot of companies that want to get their social media templates done. They do not want to be creating designs every single time so they want someone who can provide them that. And if you can do that, then it is very good as you can see over here, I will Design 20 unique, social media posts, banner ads. I will Design 60 social media posts, Then you can just like, go to Canvas. I’ll just show you how this works, right So you go to canva and over here, you just click on Instagram post and you can browse through the templates that they have and You can understand what type of template is trending You can then go into the Styles and you can try to change things up a little bit Okay over here you can change that It changes the whole look and feel and you can then try to modify something and Try selling that to other people.

Mockup Design

Now, let’s go on to the next one. This is going to be mock-up design. okay, what is mock-up?. basically whatever merchandise you can have, right you can have like a shoe. You can have like, laptop sticker. Right So you can have this, or you can also try to have, anything, basically what your goal is is to take a company logo to take your company brand and to put it on every single thing out there. or there is like a design that you have this like a moto that you have just like you have tagline here and you can just like put that on Multiple merchandise, okay, put it on anything and you can start selling that off And if people care about that design, then they will definitely buy it. And your goal is to create such designs to create such mock-up designs for creating this as well you can simply just go on to canva and then you can click on mock-up templates. and after that, you can see different types of mock-up templates are available both for T-shirts, anything you want to write on T-shirts or if you just want to write something on like a, on like a phone mock up to, you can do all sorts of those things.

Zoom Backgrounds

Now, the next Fiverr gig that you can make is going to be called as Zoom backgrounds. I’ll show you what this means, right. So if I go over here and this is the part called as Zoom background what happens is there that, a lot of business and what they really want is someone who can help them out to create a background for them, lots of businesses are only working remotely right now. so they have lots of meetings to attend, and they want to be professional and so they just want someone who can create a background for them, whenever they are talking to people lots of meetings take place daily. So you can try to create these Zoom backgrounds. If you go on to something like this, you can create this background. Alright, Again you can just use canva. it is very easy if you have their logo you can try to create some great designs for them. Really interesting stuff. It has recently blow a lot because of the lockdown. So you can try to use something like this, Right. As you can see, I will Design three high quality, Zoom virtual background in six hours and they charge $5 for that In the future their will be a lot more scope for something like this. As you can see something like this, this is what I’m talking about, Right Okay.

Blog Engagement & Ghost Writing

so now let’s go on to the next part and this is going to be called as blog engagement. What does this mean?. the next gig that you can make is on helping people with their engagement to build engagement for their blog for their video on YouTube or elsewhere and over here what you can do is that you can basically just say, I will post relevant comments for your blog in the comment section. or for your YouTube videos in the comment section what happens from this is that it tells the algorithm that this particular video or blog is doing really well because people are interacting with it, so we should try to push it, even more, So this is why this is important for the businesses that are using it. This is important for people who are running their websites, people who are running their YouTube channels. This person has 457 reviews for doing this And there are many more such gigs And you can also try to make something similar and that will be really amazing. So yeah, you can check this out.

Podcasting Services

Let’s move on to the next one. This is called podcasting services. So recently what is happening is that there is a lot of trend of starting podcasts, Everyone has to start their own podcast what happens over there is, you basically you would just say I will help you out with your podcast. I will create a new logo for your podcast. I will create your podcast cover art or I will help you to get guests on your show. So what you would do is that you would basically email a lot of people and Just say that Hey, if you would be interested to become a guest at this podcast. If yes, please let me know. As you can see I will create your own podcast website. it is very easy just go to Squarespace or WordPress and you can create a very simple website for these podcasts. As you can see, people are making decent money doing this. I hope you are able to understand that, lots of opportunities are there that you can gather specifically this opportunity of podcasting. if you can help other people with podcasting that And be basically, like turning their podcast shows into blogs that people can use This also comes into blog writing, so if you can listen to what people are saying and then you can convert that into blogs that would be even better for their own company and you can put that into a website for that podcast, that you can also create for them.

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