Assessing the Importance of Food Systems in Post COVID Times

Food systems are an essential part of economic activity because of the significant amount of energy they provide to the public. However, many macroeconomists have been ignoring the factors that have been sustaining this system for so long – which is why they were unable to notice the diminishing of natural food sources – simply believing that they would never run out.

We had already been suffering from quite a few factors that hindered the sustainability of food systems for a few years now. The growth in urbanization had wealthier individuals and corporations fighting for land, leading to soil erosion and deforestation and thus, disturbing the landscape for better agricultural production. In addition to that, environmental factors have also been a major contributor to this problem as drought and floods can cause astronomically disasters to crop production.

To further add to these problems, we are living in a time where we are facing one of the major unprecedented catastrophes – the coronavirus virus pandemic. Forced to go under lockdown, many businesses came to a standstill and could not conduct business for a long period of time. This also meant that any precaution that was taken to slow down the reduction of natural supplies for the food industry, came to a halt, and we began to see these resources drastically decrease during this period.

2020 has been a difficult year for the global food system as no one had seen this coming, and we were helpless as we watched these tragic scenes unfold before us. In a matter of months, empty shelves were seen in grocery stores, and long queues flooded the food bank all of which reminded everyone just how much of a crucial role the food systems play in our lives and just how imbalanced it has all become over the course of many years.

It is now more important than ever to bring about a change in the food system to create a sustainable platform for food systems to effectively thrive in. Despite the pandemic’s sudden appearance, we are finally getting over the shock and coming up with effective strategies to provide the food system with an opportunity to remain resilient in such trying times.

Many thought-leading figures are going out of their ways to implement tactful ideas to reshape the current state of the global food system. A prime example of such a thought leader can be Sara Roversi     – an Italian author, entrepreneur, activist, and public seeker who has established several highly acclaimed organizations such as the Future Food Institute and the Future Food Network.

As a thought leader, Roversi has been actively involved in the fields of food innovation, food sustainability, and entrepreneurship and has been working with globally-recognized think tanks on the various ways to set the agenda for sustainable food industry. Due to her immense number of business efforts in advocating the importance of the food system in current and future times, she has won several awards for her progress, such as being the winner of the 2012 Marisa Bellisario Prize and the winner of the 2018 Premio Angi 2018 – Young Innovators at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. 

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