6 Profitable Cleaning Business Ideas Every Budding Entrepreneur Can Start

When becoming an entrepreneur, you need to consider your skills and what’s easy to come to fruition. Hence, you can consider starting a cleaning business.

After all, no one wants to stay in a cluttered space. Not to mention that anyone can start a cleaning business, as long as you have through cleaning skills and supplies.

Here are six profitable and easy-to-begin ideas if you want to start a cleaning business:

Residential Cleaning

One of the most common and easiest cleaning business ideas that you can start with a limited budget would be residential cleaning. So much so that you can use your house as a case study or portfolio of sorts to begin.

From the word itself, residential cleaning is providing professional home cleaning services. This includes sweeping the floor, dusting pieces of furniture, and more.

Starting this type of business is quite approachable because all you need to begin are everyday household cleaning items.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are profitable because you can offer the client flexibility, just like what we do at Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago. After all, all businesses need to be clean. However, not everyone would have a dedicated staff for cleaning or have the time to do that themselves.

That’s where you come in.

You can begin offering your services to small businesses first when starting out and then grow your venture from there.

The cleaning standards differ from business to business. So make sure that you pay special attention to that when servicing these businesses.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning requires labor and technical skills. That’s because you are required to clean a space after a renovation or any construction.

For such a business to prosper, you can partner with construction and interior design companies. That’s because these companies will need your services.

How much to charge for your time will depend on the load of work they expect you to do, as some would be more intensive than others. 

Pressure and Car Washing

Another popular cleaning business idea that plenty of budding entrepreneurs have started would be a pressure and car washing business.

Since there is an increasing number of car owners globally, so does the need for clean cars. Thus, you too can have the chance to build a business out of it.

When people are looking for pressure and car washing services, they often think about convenience. So it’s easy to set up shop in your local neighborhood. You can even dial down which type of vehicle you want to serve if you’re going to make a name for yourself. 

There are plenty of avenues you can drive this to depend on your business goals, but you can start by being a general pressure and car washing service.

Carpet Cleaning

Speaking of dialing down and going on specific niches, you can also be profitable by focusing on cleaning carpets. A carpet cleaning service can either be an additional service or your business’ primary focus. 

Carpet cleaning is a business idea that is still quite profitable. That’s because plenty of homes and office buildings and so on have carpets that probably need cleaning. Although you don’t need any specific pedigree, you only need some training to get positive carpet cleaning results. 

It might take a while to get the hang of things, but you can offer this service or niche down to this cleaning business once you do. 

Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

If you want a more specialized cleaning business idea, consider disaster cleaning and restoration.

When a disaster comes and strikes a particular area of town, a disaster cleaning and restoration business can make a huge difference. However, in this type of business, you also need to pay special attention to restoration outside your cleaning job. Therefore, you need to be quite handy to do this.

Whether it’s a typhoon or fire damage, your business should be able to deal with these types of cleaning issues as well as reparation problems. 

Wrap Up

The six cleaning business ideas listed above are a few of the many things you can start as an entrepreneur. 

There’s a future in the cleaning business. But you need to work on your marketing and provide your results to your clients.

Once you find your chosen cleaning business idea, you can start making it become a reality.

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