4 Ways To Make Your Brand More Visible Online

Having a strong visibility online is key to success in the competitive digital age. The current space is so concentrated that it is essential you invest in differentiating your business from the rest. We have put together a guide of four different things you can do to make your brand more visible online, to help you take your business to another level! 

Create A Blog

When you create a blog relevant to your businesses’ niche, it can help to position you higher in the rankings, as Google will see your website as answering relevant consumer questions relating to your brand. To do this, complete keyword research to find relevant questions that your target audience are asking in relation to your brand. From here, you can write blog posts to answer those questions, showing Google that you are offering interesting and pertinent content that people will make use of. 

Additionally, the more relevant content you have on your website, the better. This is especially important for e-commerce websites that are naturally more code-heavy. When you have multiple blog posts on the website, this will even out the text to code ratio, which Google sees favourably. There are plenty of benefits to creating a blog, including how they can boost your visibility

Optimise Your Website

The first, and arguably most important, thing you can do to make your brand more visible online is to optimise your website properly. There are many different ways you can optimise a website, with two of the main areas being making sure your website is built properly, you have the right content and that your website reinforces your brand. 

Firstly, you need to make sure that your website is built properly in a way that assists online visibility. Websites that are built all with Javascript and loads of code may look good, but they are likely to be extremely slow. So, it is important that you minimise the amount of code used on the website, you minimise the use of Javascript, you carefully consider the hosting platform and you minify and combine files. All of these things will make your website faster, which will significantly help how you rank on the SERP’s (search engine results pages). 

Next up we have content. Having a decent amount of relevant content on the website will help with online visibility. Also, completing keyword research to find relevant search terms related to your brand, and including these keywords throughout the content, will indicate to Google that your website is a good result when someone searches for that term. Doing this across the website should help to consistently bring more traffic to your website through a range of pages. 

Finally, now that you have bought traffic to your website, you want to make sure they will stay. So, making sure your website has a strong sense of branding will help to keep users on your website once they arrive. To do this, make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that people can easily recognise your brand through the design. Working with a branding agency Manchester-based will make sure some of the best talent in the country design your website in a way that is engaging and recognisable. All of these things combined should help to improve your online visibility. 

Encourage Customer Reviews

Encouraging your customers to leave reviews can really help with your online visibility. When you have plenty of high quality reviews, it shows that your customers trust you, and in turn this means that Google will recognise this and also trust you. This can help to boost you up the rankings. 

You can also add star ratings to your website based on your reviews, so this is an additional incentive to encourage users to click on your link as opposed to others. 

Add Your Website To Directories

Another great way to bring relevant traffic to your website is to add your website to online directories. When you list your business in relevant online directories, it can easily be found by people searching for the product or service you offer. This is particularly useful for local businesses, with Google seeing your business as active across the web. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Four different ways that you can make your brand more visible online, whether you sell personalised gifts or baked goods! Some of these things require more investment, in terms of money and time, but it is definitely worth focusing on as organic search is the future!

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