3 Simple Ways To Transform Your Dental Business

If your dental business is currently plateauing and you want to make some positive changes in order to allow it to thrive, you’re in the right place. We’re here with three simple things you can do to help push your healthcare practice above the others and to remain competitive at such a difficult time. So, let’s get into it and prepare to see your business prosper! 

Invest In Your Team

The first thing you need to do to succeed is to invest in your team. There is famously a shortage of people available in patient care, so it is important that you put yourself out there as a business and prepare to do whatever you can to build a strong and reliable team. Start by offering competitive salaries, a fantastic working culture and unique benefits, to show your staff that you appreciate them and they are valued. If your team is short of particular roles, invest in good job advertisements to draw people in (this is where the salary and benefits will come in handy). 

Whilst fancy tech and clinics are important to initially draw patients in, what really makes a difference to patients is a team who will go above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of patient care that they simply can’t find anywhere else. Currently this is what is lacking in the industry, so this is a strong point of difference you can create to not only keep fantastic staff but to set your business apart from the rest. 

Dental SEO

Another thing that you should be investing in from a marketing perspective is dental SEO. SEO often provides the best return on investment from any marketing channel, as once you invest and maintain the efforts with a good company, you will continue to see long term benefits. This is the case for any business, from fashion companies to those offering IVA calculators and small local restaurants. Rather than reaching out to people who might be interested in your business, by working with an SEO agency to increase your rankings, you are investing in becoming visible to people who are looking for the exact service that you offer. 

Another great thing about dental SEO when you choose the right agency is that there should be a strong focus on the local element, to help you appear in local results that will bring highly qualified users to your website. This will involve optimising your Google My Business, too, another vital component that is important for trust. 

Offer Subscription Plans

Last but not least, you should offer your patients subscription plans. More and more dentists are doing this so it will help you to remain competitive, and it makes dental care more accessible and simple for your patients. For example, your patients may pay £20 a month and get two dental checkups, two hygienist appointments and 10% off any cosmetic or general dentistry treatments that are required. You could consider charging slightly more and offering complimentary treatments, like free teeth whitening or teeth stain removal. No matter what you choose, offering subscription plans not only helps you to keep loyal customers, but offers a great solution to new potential customers who want to keep things simple. 

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