2021 Emerging Social Media Platforms

The popularity of social media channels has given birth to hundreds of applications that cater to a particular group. As this industry grows, you are probably thinking that there will not be much movement in the coming years. However, due to the pandemic, people have changed the way they handle things, one of them, according to Richard Bishara, would be socializing. Social distancing was encouraged by the authorities to prevent the spread of the virus creating a certain gap for the traditional communication that people used to enjoy.

Social Media Trends for 2021

The current trend nowadays is audio-based social media platforms. The millennials and the Gen Z group are looking for a more intimate way to connect with others online. To help the marketers look for a way to tap into that pool of possible customers, we have created a shortlist of some of the latest social media platforms that are gaining popularity.


TikTok has been in the business since 2017, but it is only last year when they captured the interest of the netizens. Based on the latest report, the platform has already amassed a total of 1 billion active users. The total number of downloads has reached a massive 2.6 billion. making it more popular than other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. TikTok is like a mixture of Musical.ly and Vine. It enables the user to film short content and post it. The platform will then play it on a repetitive loop. You can also add music, text, filters, effects, transitions, etc. to make it more eye-catching. This social media channel is more popular for individuals ages 30 and below. Big companies, such as Guess, have already embraced this new marketing channel.


Clubhouse is one of the more recent social media platforms that was released last 2020. Compared to traditional sites like Twitter and Facebook, it relies heavily on audio-based connectivity. It’s more than just a podcast wherein you can share information with your audience; listeners can talk to the host in real-time. There are discussions hosted by popular stand-up comedians, celebrities, business magnates, industry experts like Richard Bishara, etc.


If you are looking for an alternative live-video messaging application, Houseparty might be a good option. It enables video chats that can be participated by eight users. Additionally, all eight hosts can use filters, fun effects, and stickers on the conversation. This app is older than TikTok and has gone through different modifications. Most of you may be more familiar with its original name- Meerkat. Perhaps the quarantine last 2020 has helped in the sudden growth in its popularity. From a million users, the number of active users instantly jumped to 50 million.

Marketers can take advantage of these new and emerging social media platforms by strengthening their presence on these channels before their competitors even find out about it. Nonetheless, while you should be attentive to new and interesting channels, you should still put your resources, time, and effort into the sites that are already thriving. Moreover, your priority as a business owner is still to focus on the core of your company.

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