10 Inspiring Finance Job Titles to Aim For

The finance world is full of exciting jobs. Whether you are a fresh graduate setting your sights on an entry-level finance job or someone ready to advance their career, the world has plenty of inspiring finance job titles for you to aim for. 

10 Inspiring Finance Job Titles to Aim For
10 Inspiring Finance Job Titles to Aim For

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Since the finance industry is evolving and ever-changing, there is always something fresh to study and old to revisit. It is ideal for you to acquaint yourself with the opportunities that might soon be available for you. With that mentioned, here are 10 inspiring finance job titles to aim for. 

Entry Level Finance Jobs
Entry Level Finance Jobs

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#1 Financial Analyst

One of the in-demand careers in finance is a financial analyst, which is an excellent entry level finance job for someone looking to start their career in finance. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyze financial data.
  • Generate reports and projections.
  • Create financial models and forecasts.

Why is it awesome?

Since financial analysts are always in demand, they get to work with a wide array of industries. This means you can take your passion with you as you work. For example, if you love music,  you can work in the music industry as a financial analyst for a record company. 

#2 Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help businesses focus on their financial goals. Businesses that need a comprehensive review of finances may get the most from them. Much like financial analysts, financial advisors are another excellent choice for entry level finance jobs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Determine expenses, financial objectives, and other data needed to draft financial plans.
  • Offer financial strategies and advice.
  • Review financial accounts and plans.

Why is it awesome?

People are often confused about investments. Financial advisors help their clients in making suitable decisions. If you are an eloquent and persuasive speaker who loves to give advice, then you might want to consider a career as a financial advisor. Financial advisors work flexible hours while having the most income potential. 

#3 Economist

If you are looking for a career as an economist, chances are you will work for the government. Economists study the relationship between consumption and production that helps shape government policies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research and surveys about economic issues. 
  • Develop economic models and devise policies that reflect the models.
  • Generate economic outlook reports.

Why is it awesome?

If you aspire to work in the government, a job as an economist is the way to go. Prominent business people and politicians talk about the economy all the time. Also, being an economist gains the respect of people from all walks of life. 

#4 Credit Analyst

Credit analysts assess someone’s creditworthiness when applying for loans by determining the client’s capacity to pay. The loan’s approval rests in the hand of a credit analyst. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Gather data about the client.
  • Perform risk analysis using statistical models.
  • Use a credit scoring system. 

Why is it awesome?

Another job title that is in demand is credit analyst. Besides banks, credit analysts can find work in other industries that offer credits. They are not limited to any particular industry, which means they are never out of work. 

#5 Budget Analyst

Budget analysts help businesses plan their budgets. They oversee the budget proposals and funding requests.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Supervise spending and look after the budget.
  • Assess future financial needs.

Why is it awesome?

Decision-makers and risk-takers make great budget analysts. In addition, budget analysts have regular working hours and good salaries. Good working conditions and job security are never a problem for them. 

#6 Chief Financial Officer

Considered as a financial gatekeeper, the tasks of a chief financial officer include becoming a vital advisor to the chief executive officer. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead and direct the finance and accounting team.
  • Set up relations with top management and stakeholders.
  • Review financial procedures.

Why is it awesome?

The title itself bears prestige, respect, and power. Chief financial officers are in charge of the financial aspect of the whole organization. As the lead financial manager, it involves serious salary and stock decisions. Fun fact: Tesla’s CFO Zack Kirkhorn added “Master of Coin” to his title as either a reference to the popular HBO series Game of Thrones or to the company’s purchase of bitcoin. 

#7 Financial Manager

Another critical role that guides a business’ finance is a financial manager. They oversee the distribution of financial assets and help with budget planning. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collect and review financial information to expect future trends.
  • Develop plans to lessen financial risks.
  • Study market trends and competitors

Why is it awesome?

Financial managers are well compensated. It is common for them to receive stock options as extra compensation. They also have comfortable working conditions with access to technology for data analysis. 

#8 Purchasing Agent

Also known as buyers or purchasers, purchasing agents check and negotiate with suppliers. They determine the supplier’s standards, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Research and compare suppliers, goods, and services to determine suitability.
  • Track inventory and regulate purchases.
  • Maintain records of transactions, purchase orders, receipts, and payments.

Why is it awesome?

A purchasing agent is suitable for people who enjoy following a routine. They offer excellent job security and exceptional working conditions. It is also an enticing option for an entry-level position. 

#9 Payroll Clerk

Payroll clerks or payroll assistants focus on payroll processing. They work well with numbers to calculate employee compensations and timely salaries.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collect Timesheets.
  • Calculate bonuses and allowances as well as deductions.
  • Prepare employee salaries.

Why is it awesome?

Another job title that never seems to be out of work. Every business needs to compensate its employees, and they need someone to do it. Payroll clerks also perform a wide variety of tasks, which means they are challenging, so you will never get bored. 

#10 Risk Analyst

Determining the possible risks involved in a business decision is a job for a risk analyst. A risk analyst investigates market scenarios and predicts the outcome using economic trends. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collect and analyze data to comprehend risks, concerns, and outcomes.
  • Generate reports and summaries to display results.
  • Identify trends that present risk.

Why is it awesome?

A risk analyst is a particular type of financial analyst. They have fast job growth and better pay. They are also most likely to get promoted to management positions because of that. People with outstanding attention to detail can be great risk analysts. 

Honorable mention

Amazon Account Manager

An Amazon account manager is much like a financial manager. Only they specialize in Amazon management. They are in charge of the daily account operations of an Amazon seller, such as improving the quality of their listing and handling Amazon PPC management.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Generate and optimize product listings.
  • Handle Amazon PPC management.
  • Oversee Amazon suspension appeals.
Amazon Suspension Appeal and Amazon PPC Management
Amazon Suspension Appeal and Amazon PPC Management

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Why is it awesome?

There are a plethora of brands on Amazon that need help in realizing their financial goals. Aside from that, they also handle Amazon suspension appeal and optimize their listings. Because of that, there is an opportunity in every corner for Amazon account managers. 

Your Future in Having a Finance Job

Now that you have an idea of the job titles for the next generation of personal finance, can you imagine yourself landing in a few of them? Of course, finance is ever-changing. But with enough experience, you can get a sense of which areas appeal to you. 

Next Generation Personal Finance
Next Generation Personal Finance

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From a financial analyst to a chief financial officer, you have plenty of finance job titles to set your sight on. You can start climbing your way up now that you have knowledge with the job titles that may interest you.

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